About Us

 Since 1999, Stonebridge has sold over 4.9 MILLION of it knives. Our story is like most other success stories, hard work, long hours, a committed sales team, loyal employees and of course satisfied customers. A knife is a simple product filling a universal need! Most of our customers are businesses like yours where men are their main customer.

You know it’s hard to find anything to put your name on that not considered a trinket. Most companies are forced to put their name on key chains, coffee mugs or hats. There is nothing wrong with any of those, but what is the perceived value? Most guys have a hat collection! Why? Because men are basically cheap and will take anything for free. They will take a hat that they have no intention of wearing! Why? Because they are cheap!

Why a Stonebridge knife? The great thing about our knife is most guys think they are getting a $20 knife. They have no clue it cost much less. We have said for years that this is the business card that a guy won’t throw away. There is absolutely nothing you can give a guy TODAY with your name and phone # on it that he will have in his pocket six months to a year from now! ABSOLUTLY NOTHING ELSE!!! We spend all kinds of money getting our product or service in front of a man and then we leave them with a $.02 or $.03 piece of paper called a business card. How long does the average business card last when a man gets home or to the office? 2 hours is the average life expectancy of a paper business card. Ours…. 6 months to a year!

One of our customers is an electrical supply place out of New Mexico. They called in to place another order and we noticed the customer was ordering another 400 knives and he had placed the same order just a couple of months earlier. This business had been a Stonebridge customer for years, but only bought 100 or 200 per year and here they are ordering 400 every 2 or 3 months. We ask how they were using the knives now. He said they give customers a knife every time they purchase $150 or more, whether it was delivered or picked up.

We ask them if they were giving the same contractors, knife after knife? They said, “Yes”. So we ask why and they said that THEY FOUND that once a guy has 2 or 3 knives and knows he is going to get more he starts giving them away. Then when Johnny hears that the boss gave Billy a knife he asks “Where’s my knife!” The boss knows the only way he can give Johnny a knife is do more business!!!

He ask him what do you do about the guy who was going to order $300 but figures if he gets $150 today and $150 tomorrow then he can get 2 knives. Our customer said that it never fails that if someone comes to get his list he always remembers something that he had left of the list. So the $150 order turns into a $200 or $250 order. 2 days of that means $400 to $500 and he would be more than happy to exchange 2 knives for $400 or $500. That’s a 1% – 2% advertising cost. And that’s not paid until they purchase.

For them, each knife represents an order of $150 or more. 100 knives = $15,000 in business volume. They gladly spent $300 in advertising for $15,000 in sales. The big difference is that you don’t give away the knife until the $ has come in. Now compare this concept to the guy who wants to make this merely a “Thank You for doing business with us!” gift. It is so much more than that!!!

That’s why we have sold over 4.9 MILLION!!!!